Peoria, Peoria Co., IL: The Schrock-Birkey Connection

Peoria, Peoria Co., IL


Latitude: 40.693648800, Longitude: -89.588986400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Belsly, Timothy Alan   I11700
2 Gangloff, Paul Gerald  22 Nov 1955Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11731
3 Belsly, Valerie Jean   I11696
4 Huser, Carl Ezra Jr.   I11741
5 Belsly, Kenneth Lee   I11695
6 Markum, Neva Jean   I11730
7 Belsly, Bradford Lee   I11699
8 Belsly, Richard Joseph  7 Nov 1949Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11694
9 Belsly, Carla Ann   I11693
10 Schrock, Phillis M.  5 Oct 1939Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I16242
11 Smith, John Jay   I12513
12 Imhoff, Kathleen Carol  19 Oct 1938Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I3930
13 Yordy, Evelyn Anne  15 Dec 1936Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I870
14 Bruehl, William  8 Sep 1934Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I1855
15 Zimmerman, John  1 Apr 1933Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I7133
16 Yordy, James Walter  5 Sep 1932Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I869
17 Heiser, Betty Lou   I9168
18 Belsly, Madeline Rozanne   I11672
19 Streitmatter, Olivia Mildred  26 Apr 1907Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I8130
20 Triebel, Louis G.  27 Aug 1901Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11680
21 Yordy, Verna May  7 Oct 1893Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11753
22 Yordy, Onie Lee  30 Apr 1892Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11749
23 Bort, John Christian  14 Jan 1878Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I16391
24 Schrock, Frank William  12 Jan 1875Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I8895
25 Garber, William M.  24 Dec 1869Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I5398
26 Garber, Edward Jacob  17 Sep 1867Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I5397
27 Kolby, Mary  3 Nov 1862Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I8978
28 Schrock, Peter  8 Jun 1849Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I1422
29 Schertz, Catherine  29 Oct 1848Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I9647
30 Ulrich, Andrew  5 Jun 1848Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I1112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Weaver, Darlene  17 Nov 2018Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I12963
2 Garber, Virginia  3 Jun 2015Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I10865
3 Weaver, Robert Avery  4 Jul 2014Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I12962
4 Belsley, Louis George  17 Feb 2014Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I5626
5 Yordy, Russell  28 Mar 2012Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6568
6 Zobrist, Willis  24 Aug 2009Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I14459
7 Schrock, Jesse  2 Dec 1997Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2444
8 Schrock, Alvin John  28 Dec 1995Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2458
9 Heiser, Richard E.  3 Dec 1992Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I3206
10 Ulrich, Clarence  24 Mar 1992Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I13278
11 Birkey, Warren Leland  26 Mar 1989Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I16003
12 Adami, Alma  1 Aug 1988Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11678
13 Hunt, Cecil Cornell  24 Oct 1986Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11675
14 Belsly, Cleota Marie  19 May 1985Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6370
15 Zehr, Orrie Daniel  8 Oct 1981Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I13994
16 Litwiller, Ervin  7 Feb 1980Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11007
17 Ingold, Magdelina Kathryn (Lena)  26 Dec 1978Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I4355
18 Belsly, Mark Oscar  29 Aug 1973Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6367
19 Rose, Irene  27 Jul 1973Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6586
20 Belsly, Margaret  5 Jan 1973Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6391
21 Weaver, Avery Thomas  19 Oct 1972Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I4354
22 Pettey, Lulu  6 Jun 1972Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I15746
23 Hostetler, Amanda  22 Jul 1971Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I14751
24 Heiser, Raymond C.  31 Jan 1971Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I3205
25 Reel, Robert S.  1 Aug 1970Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11895
26 Egli, Lena  29 Jun 1970Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I10991
27 Goehring, Margaret Minnie  23 Oct 1969Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11555
28 Reibschlager, Edith Augusta  18 Mar 1969Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11671
29 Eicher, Jacob John  22 Jun 1964Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I9636
30 Kauffmann, Bena  10 Apr 1964Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I7353
31 Heiser, Edward Jacob  24 Aug 1961Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2990
32 Roth, Marie Elizabeth  13 Dec 1958Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I15579
33 Triebel, Louis G.  6 Feb 1956Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11680
34 Schertz, Albert Earl  18 Jan 1956Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I10523
35 Schertz, Henry R.  9 Feb 1954Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I16400
36 Belsly, Freda Faye  28 Feb 1953Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6369
37 Schrock, Peter B.  19 Jun 1952Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I3892
38 Ackerman, Henry  22 Oct 1942Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I9265
39 Imhoff Miller, Mary Almeda  10 Oct 1940Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2040
40 Ropp, Moses E.  5 Feb 1938Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6928
41 Wagler, Joseph C.  3 Dec 1937Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I3960
42 Martin, John  9 Feb 1936Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I15266
43 Birky, Anna Sarah  22 Mar 1935Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2795
44 Belsly, Lloyd Earl  10 Apr 1932Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6362
45 Rediger, Elisabeth  20 Jul 1926Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I13645
46 Schrock, Joel  1 Jul 1925Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I8457
47 Bircky (Birky), Johann (John)  28 Mar 1925Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I185
48 Rouvenach, Andre  19 Apr 1924Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I13514
49 Springer, Christian  9 Jul 1920Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6794
50 Stalter, Jacob  19 Dec 1917Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I10385

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Zimmerman, Barbara  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6762
2 Zehr, Magdalena  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I1128
3 Weaver, Robert Avery  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I12962
4 Weaver, Darlene  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I12963
5 Weaver, Avery Thomas  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I4354
6 Schertz, Peter  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6224
7 Schertz, Henry  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11212
8 Ingold, Magdelina Kathryn (Lena)  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I4355
9 Imhoff Miller, Mary Almeda  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2040
10 Heiser, Richard E.  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I3206
11 Guth, John  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I9161
12 Garber (Gerber), Magdalena  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I6225
13 Garber, Virginia  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I10865
14 Augspurger, Jacob  Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Oyer, Catherine (Katie)  1917Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I2713
2 Schertz, Andrew  1840Peoria, Peoria Co., IL I11210


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ropp / Birky  14 Dec 1930Peoria, Peoria Co., IL F1323
2 Belsly / Reibschlager  8 Nov 1923Peoria, Peoria Co., IL F4432
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