Author: Del Birkey



that this is the first and only analysis by an evangelical author on the neglected and misunderstood theme of patriarchy–viewed from its historical, sociological, and cultural realities in view of the biblical data on gender equality.


Del Birkey links Evangelical and Roman Catholic views of patriarchy, not because they are based upon the biblical text, but because they share a common Western patriarchic tradition. Through careful exegesis and close examination of early church history, he argues that, in effect, both… have read their own culture into the biblical text… This book is a wonderful example how in our devotion to the Bible, we apply it uncritically to the modern world… with a cultural agenda that has been influenced by more than 3,000 years of tradition.

Dean Arnold (in Foreword)

Professor of Anthropology, Wheaton College


Discriminatory practices that impair community life among Christians are frequently denounced by authors in quest of biblical equality. This book takes the thoughtful reader a step further. It identifies the root cause of such practices as the systemic curse of the patriarchal rule that resulted from the Fall.

Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian

Wheaton College

I warmly recommend this book to all concerned to understand what patriarchy is and how it may express itself harmfully in the modern Christian family and church.

Dr. Alan Johnson

Wheaton College

Del Birkey began his pastoral ministry at age twenty while in Bible College. He ministered as an evangelist as well as a visiting seminary professor. He received his D.Min degree from Bethany Theological Seminary.

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Author: Del Birkey

The House Church Book

The House Church: A Model for Renewing the Church was first published in 1988 by Herald Press. Since then, the years have brought about significant challenges and changes within Christ’s church. As a result, a revision has been released titled, The House Church Book: Non-Emerging New Testament Prototype. The revision was released about six weeks after the death of the author, Del Birkey, on May 13, 2009. It is available through the website.

What Others Say About the House Church Book

By searching anew the biblical, historical, and theological bases of the church, Del Birkey has assembled a provocative and persuasive case for restructuring contemporary congregational life. He communicates well his dedication to structure which liberates all believers.

The House Church is a thoughtful, scholarly, and practical book for those seeking authentic Christianity. The author combines an Anabaptist foundation with an evangelical commitment to producing a reform program that will be helpful to Christians from many denominations.

Donald F. Durnbaugh, Ph.D.

Professor of Church History, Bethany Theological Seminary

Del Birkey carefully traces the origin of the house church through Scripture and then shows precisely how this model can revitalize today’s church. For the skeptics, the thesis has a solid foundation in theology and sociology and reflects sound principles of anthropology and communication theory.

The house church has exciting potential for renewal of the modern church.

Dean Arnold, Ph.D.

Professor of Anthropology, Wheaton College

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