Immigrant Michael Salzman - 1779-1861

His Ancestors and His Descendants

by Donna Schrock Birkey
Originally published in the Winter 2004 issue (Vol. XXXI, No. 4)
Illinois Mennonite Heritage Quarterly ( (Used with permission of original publisher)

Original millstone at Zelle Ferme near Petit-Tenquin, Moselle, France, home of Michel Saltzman and Catherine Weiss and their family for a number of years, until about 1810.

A 1589 Swiss record of the surname (Trina) Salzman is shown below. Over the years some families added a “t,” others added an extra“ n, still others changed “z” to “s”—so evolved the various spellings.

The Winter 2002 issue of Illinois Mennonite Heritage Quarterly carried the story of Immigrant Johannes Schrock of Illinois. Johannes’ wife was Catherine Salzman, daughter of Michael Salzman. This time I focus on the ancestry of Michael Salzman in Europe and follow him and his family to America. Both the Schrock and Salzman families were closely linked to Belgrade farm near Bistroff, Moselle, France in the early 1800s. Belgrade was home to a number of Anabaptist families, including Staker, Schertz, Engel, Stalter and Zehr families, who after emigration lived again in a close community in Butler Co., OH, and then in Tazewell Co., IL. Bistroff is no doubt where Catherine Salzman and Johannes Schrag courted, and they were married a few miles away in Blamont in 1826. The Schrock and Salzman families traveled together to America in the spring of 1831. We begin our story with Michael’s ancestors—his grandfather Christian and father Michel.


Christian was born about 1719 and died 5 May 1795 at Zelle farm, Petit Tenquin, Moselle. He married Marie Rider (Rediger?). When son Michel recorded his death the following day he indicated that Marie was already deceased. 1


Michel was born about 1755 in Altwiller, Lower Alsace, and died 16 Jun 1821 2 at Vallerade farm in Albestroff, a horse-breeding farm established in 1717 and at one time belonging to the Duke of Lorraine. It is situated about seven miles to the east of Altwiller. His death record identifies him as a farmer at Vallerade, son of Christian Salzmann and Marie Rider, and husband of Catherine Weiss (born about 1758 in Zweibrucken), daughter of Christian Weiss and Catherine Ziegel. Michel and Catherine died only days apart. Catherine’s death entry on 24 Jun 1821 3 follows Michel’s in the civil records of Albestroff.

The couple had nine children. Michel, Pierre, Catherine, Magdeleine, Barbe and Christian were all born at Zelle farm, Petit Tenquin (near Grostenquin), but the parents did not register their births until Dec. 26, 1801 at Sarralbe. 4 By that date the children ranged in age from 9 to 22. Their birth records provide us with most details we know of the family. (Joseph Salzman who married Barbara Litwiller may be a son of Christian and brother to Michel, but it has yet to be proven.)

Michel, b. 29 Sep 1779
Peter (Pierre), b. 24 May 1786
Catherine, b. 18 Jun 1788. She married Christian Gerber, born at Rosheim, Lower Alsace in about 1796, the son of Joseph Gerber, cultivator at Gensbourg, Oberhaslach, and Madeleine Fritz, who died at Gresswiler, Lower Alsace, 11 Apr 1823. 5
Madeleine, b. 12 May 1790, birth witnessed by Jean Pierre Schouleur. 6 She married Jacob Blum 27 Jan 1810. 7
Barbe, b. 2 Apr 1792, again the birth was witnessed by Jean Pierre Schouleur. 8 She married Andre Schertz 14 Jan 1813 in Rhodes. 9
Christian, b. 13 Apr 1793, birth name recorded as Christel, sometimes as Christophe in other records. 10 He was a witness to his brother Andre’s marriage in 1827, and died at the age of 53 in 1847. Christian married Madeleine Schertz 10 May 1819 11, the daughter of Joseph Schertz and Barbe Blanc of the mill at Hingsange farm in Linstroff (just below Grostenquin). He and Madeleine lived at Veutzviller in Guéblange-lès-Sarralbe (now called Val-de-Guéblange). They had two sons there: Andreas in 1825 and Joseph in 1827.
Jacob (Jacques), b. 26 Jun 1795, witnessed by 60-year-old Jacques Stutzman. 12
Andrew (André), b. about 1795-1799. The birthdate 12 May 1795 comes from his marriage record; 13 however, there is no entry in Sarralbe records and the date conflicts with the birth date of brother Jacob at Petit Tenquin. André’s obituary would indicate 1799 as the birth year. He married Anne Catherine Hodler. Anna was born 10 Oct 1801 at Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, Upper Alsace, to Christian Hodler and Madeleine Maurer. They left Blamont four years later in 1831 to emigrate via Baltimore to Butler Co., OH with André’s brother Michael. There, in the September Term 1840, Andrew and sons Arthur, Andrew and Christian declared their intention to become citizens of the United States. 14 In 1854 they moved to White Oak Township, McLean Co., IL and at the age of 77, Andrew died on 3 Nov 1876 at the home of his daughter Catherine Troyer in Danvers, of the “infirmities of age.” Funeral services were by Joseph Stuckey, from Rev.14: 13. Anna died 14 Dec 1891, at Hudson, McLean Co., IL, also of the “infirmities of age.” Her obituary records “her posterity number 79. …She was buried…in the Simon Lantz burial ground.”

Children of André and Anna are: 15

1. Arthur “Otto:” His parent’s 1827 Gueblange-les-Sarralbe marriage entry records they requested recognition of the son born to them two years previously on 25 May 1825, and inscribed on the Blamont civil register under the name Arthur Hodler. He married Magdalena Schrock, daughter of Peter Schrock (brother of Johannes) and Magdalena Zimmerman in 1853, and the next year moved to Illinois with Arthur’s parents and settled on a farm in Morton Township. Within ten years the family moved back to Ohio to be near Magdalena’s family. They lived for some years at Peter’s Woodsdale farm. Arthur died of consumption in 1871 on the 1st of May, after an illness of two years, aged 44 years, 11 months and 15 days. His obituary reports that “he had a desire to depart and be with Christ. He leaves a wife and six children. He was buried at the Apostolic Mennonite Church cemetery. Funeral discourses by Peter Kinsinger, from Heb. 13:14, and from Pre. Smoker from Ps. 39:5.” Magdalena raised her four small children with the help of her family. She became ill in the fall of 1877 and was buried beside her husband 27 January 1878.
2. Barbara, b. 11 Nov 1827 at Blamont, d. 1894 in Hitchcock Co., NB. She married Christian King, Jr. They moved to Nebraska.
3. Andrew, b. 10 Oct 1829 at Blamont, d. 20 pr 1891. He married Barbara Schmidt in 1851 and they lived in McLean County.
4. Christian H., b. 14 May 1837 in Butler Co., OH. He married Mary Troyer in 1862 in McLean County.
5. Catherine, b. 19 Aug 1841, d. 28 Apr 1921. She married Manassas Troyer in 1862 in McLean County.
John (Jean) Salzman, b. 24 Apr 1800 at Haras, Sarralbe, witnessed by 40-year-old day laborer and neighbor, Jacques Stalter, and farmer Jean Hauter, age 36, both at Haras. John only lived one day. 16

MICHAEL SALZMAN (1779-1861)and wife Catherin Hergi

Michael was born 29 Sep 1779 in Petit Tenquin, 17 the son of Michel Salzman and Catherine Weiss, and died 30 Nov 1861 Butler Co. OH at age 82. He married Catherin Hergi (Hirschi), daughter of Pierre Hergi of St. Avold, and Anne Agnes Farny. Their marriage record 18 identifies Michael as an Anabaptist and records preliminary announcements were posted at Sarralbe and St. Avold on December 11 and 18, 1803. It also reveals that the marriage was held in Sarralbe at 3:00 on 3 Mar 1804 in deference to the 53-year-old father Michel Salzman who was living at Haras, also named as an Anabaptist.

Michael was a resident of Sarralbe before he and Catherine Hergi were married there, and they were still in Sarralbe at the time of daughter Catherine’s birth in October of 1804. During 1803, and perhaps over a longer period, Michael worked as a cultivator at Haras, near Sarralbe, as did his father. At some point the family moved to Forbach where Michael was a miller at Schloesser’s mill.  This is also where his wife Catherine died on 5 Mar 1814. 19 Catherine had been born during 1780 in St. Avold, if we use her death record to calculate the birth year. Before she died, Catherine bore Michael four children:

Pierre (Peter), b. 1800-05 (possibly in Metz) and d. 1848 in Pyrmont, IN. In 1835 he married Susan Sommer (1810-1905). 20
Catherine, b. 27 Oct 1804 in Sarralbe and d. March 1858 in Tazewell Co., IL. She married Johannes Schrock. 21
Magdalena, b. 1811 if calculated from the 1831 immigrant ship list. She married John King (Konig) about 1838. 22
Christian, b. 31 Mar 1811 in Forbach and died 2 June 1895 in Pawnee Co., KS at age 84. He married Marie Imhoff in Butler Co. 23

Peter and Susan had a large family, but son Michael is the only one with a known history to me. He was born 9 Jan 1836 in Ohio (no doubt Butler Co.) and died 9 Feb 1907 in Red Cloud NE. He married Sarah Yetter Kenny on 22 Oct 1860. They had a family of eight children: three daughters and five sons. Most were born in Lafayette IN, but one was born in Cerro Gorda, IL in 1870 and one in Logan, KS in1872. 25

Only three months after his wife’s death Michael (1779-1861) is in Vallerade, Albestroff, where his parents resided and where he married Madelaine Eiyman in June. 26 He is named there off and on until 1823. But in that year he moved to Belgrade Farm with his family and was a farmer at Bischwald mill in Bistroff.

MICHAEL SALZMAN (1779-1861) and second wife Magdalena Eymann

Michael’s second wife was the daughter of Etienne (Stephen) Eymann and Marie Cers (Zehr?). Magdalena was born 2 June 1795 in Prussia/Palatinate and died 1 Oct 1875 (one source says 1870) in Butler Co., OH. Their children are:

Jacques(Jacob), b. 25 Aug 1815 at Vallerade farm, Albestroff, Moselle. No more is known about Jacques.27
Maria, b. 27 Jan 1820, Albestroff. Married on 28 Jun 1841 to John Eichelberger, secondly to Thomas Russell. 28
Michael, b. 11 Oct 1821 in Bistroff, d. 11 Apr 1844, single at age 22. Michael is buried in the Salzman plot at Mound Cemetery, Monroe, OH. 29
Elisabeth, b. 15 August 1823, Bistroff. The name “Sissel” is found in her birth entry, although it is indexed in the same register as Elisabeth.  Since she was not shown as a ship passenger with the rest of her family, she may have died before 1831. 30
Jacobina, b. 25 Apr 1825, Bistroff, d. 8 Feb 1921 in Gridley, McLean Co., at 95. Six-year-old Jacobine was incorrectly listed as 16-year-old Jacob (#160) on the passenger list.  She married John Stecker/Staker in a Butler County ceremony conducted by minister Nicholas Augspurger.  John was the son of Christian Staker and Magdalena Gabriel. 31
Barbara, b. about 1825 (calculated from ship list) and died before 1860—she was deceased when her children were named in their grandfather’s will. 32 Barbara has not been found in Moselle birth entries, but is known from her father’s will. She married Jacob “Rocky” in a ceremony conducted by Nicholas Augspurger in Butler County. Jacob “Rockey” appears on the 1860 census living in Madison with a different wife.
Catherine, b. about 1826-27 (calculated from ship list), Weinheim, Germany. Her birth record has not been found.  On 11 Jan 1846 she married wagonmaker Peter Kehm in Butler County; he was born 4 July 1820 in Hesse-Darmstadt, and died 31 Oct 1870 in Lemon Township. Catherine and Peter can be found on the 1860 census of Lemon Township, ages 39 and 32 with five children; on the 1870 census of Lemon Township their ages are given as 50 and 43.  Their next-door neighbor in 1870 was Catherine’s sister, Jacobine Staker, who by then was a widow.  On May 31, 1874 Catherine remarried to the much older John Altermatt.  He was born April 15, 1799 at Berlenbach, Germany, and died Dec. 26, 1886; he is buried in Graceland Cemetery at Sidney, Ohio.  Catherine outlived both husbands, dying March 25, 1906 in Dayton, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton, Butler County. 33
André (Andrew), b. 6 Sep 1829, Butler Co., OH. In 1859 he married Mary “Mell” E. Pogue (b. about 1842) in Woodford County; she was born in Pennsylvania. The 1860 Woodford Co. census has the family living in Minonk Twp. with 10-month-old daughter Ellen. There were five farm laborers counted at his house and his real estate was valued at $6,500.  In 1862 Andrew enlisted in Company K of the 129th Illinois Volunteers. He served throughout the Civil War and was honorably discharged with a pension for wounds. In 1868 the family moved to Tecumseh, Neb., where he was a farmer and stock raiser. Andrew and Mary were shown on the 1880 census of Lincoln, Neb. with one daughter; his birthplace is given as France and hers as Prussia. Also in their household were Frank Pogue, 18, and Phoeba Pogue, 10.  34
John, b. 4 Nov 1834 in Butler County, d.1 Jan 1921 (dates from gravestone).  On 21 Oct 1856 he married Magdalena “Malinda” Schertz (b. 11 Oct 1830, d.14 Dec 1871).  On the 1870 census of Lemon Township they were shown on Salzman Road with four children, living next door to John Staker’s widow “Barbaray Sticker.” They are buried in Mound Cemetery. 35


From 1755 to 1826, three generations of Salzman families seemed to live and move mostly within a triangular area from Bistroff east about 22 miles to Sarralbe and southward 14 miles to Albestroff.

But in the spring of 1831 two of the families made a radical departure–the Michael and André Salzman families, and several Schrag families, left France for America. They left together, even as they had lived together at Belgrade farm. They traveled to Le Havre on the coast of France where they boarded a ship and sailed to Baltimore, arriving sometime between April 1 and June 30. Since their names are on page 4 and 5 of the Quarterly Arrival abstract of passengers, one could guess they arrived earlier rather than later in the quarter. On the same list of passengers, named both before and after the Salzmans and Schrags, were Engel, Shirtz, Neuhauser, Rogi, Suisse, and Zimmerman families totaling about seventy Anabaptists. All the men were listed as farmers from France. 36

The ship list answers some questions, but raises others. Ages given on the list do not always correspond with birth records found. But I was personally very pleased to finally find my immigrant Schrock ancestor, Johannes, on the list. At first glance it seemed that his wife Catherine Salzman and their two children sailed to America with her family, leaving Johannes behind for some reason. But on closer examination, Johannes was found to be passenger #147 with a difficult-to-decipher surname of Gerrard (used in many French documents for Schrack/Schrag). Although he was listed separately from his wife and children (#152, 156, 157), he was among other Anabaptist men. The original ship manifest and name of the ship may be lost; however, the Quarterly Arrival lists have preserved the names and approximate arrival times. (See the list of names with comments and questions below.)

As did many arriving immigrants, both Salzman and Schrock families left Baltimore and traveled to Lancaster Co., PA, where they stayed for a short while. It is difficult to find information about this time period as they were in transit and between census records, probably living with other Anabaptists who served as hosts until the immigrant families were able to move on to their intended destinations.


Michael took his family on to Butler Co., Ohio, and in June of 1840, Michael, with sons Michael, Andrew, and John, standing before the Court of Common pleas of the Court of Butler in the State of Ohio, “declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States and renounce all allegiance to the King of France, of whom he was then a subject.” In the September Term of 1842 Michael and his sons were given citizenship. As a matter of law at that time, when the men of the family were given citizenship the women were automatically included. Two witnesses declared that Michael had resided within the United States upwards of five years and within the State of Ohio and County of Butler upwards of one year; and during that time he had behaved as a man of good moral character.  In the same September Term of 1842 Michael’s son Peter, with sons Michael, John and Christian, was also given citizenship and two years later, in the September Term of 1844 son Christian, after declaring his intention in 1842, was also given citizenship. 37

In 1850 we find Michael living in Lemon Township with wife Magdalena, and children Andrew, Phoebe, and John—next door to daughter Catherine and John Schrock, and near daughter Jacobina and her Staker in-laws.


In 1796 the Ohio Company had set aside Section 29 in each of the 10 townships of its second purchase for the support of religion. Most of Ohio’s early immigrants were religious and this supported their desire to worship and teach their religious beliefs to their children. Ohio was the only state in the Union, other than a few small mission sites in the West, where Congress gave land for the support of religion.

The State of Ohio was authorized by Congress in 1833 to sell or rent unused parts of each Section 29. The money from sales was invested, and churches within the boundaries of the original township received the interest and rent income until 1968. 38

Michael, along with son-in-law John Schrock, purchased and lived on this “ministerial” land between the Miami Rivers in Section 29, Lemon Township, which they had purchased from the State of Ohio. Michael’s purchase was for 81 and 34/100 acres for which he paid $813.40. He made the final payment in July 1855. 39 This land lies along present-day Salzman Road. (See map above.)

Michael stayed in Butler Co. even after several of his children including Catherine and John Schrock moved away. He and his family continued to live in the Amish community with long-time friends and family from France and worshipped with the more conservative group of Amish sometimes led by neighbor Peter Schrock, John’s brother.


Recognizing the importance of having his affairs in order, in 1855 Michael put together a will 40 for his family, naming son Andrew as executor and son John as trustee of funds for minor grandchildren. Realizing he was nearing the end of his earthly life Michael filed a codicil to his will about ten months before his death, removing Andrew who had moved away and naming Jacob Hittell of the city of Hamilton, Ohio, as executor. Monetary designations for the heirs were:

Peter–Received $60 (which was paid by forgiveness of a $60 note), from his father’s estate in 1864, at which time he was living in Carrol Co., IN.
Magdalena–When she received $60 from father’s estate in 1865 she lived in Lee Co., IA.
Christian–Received $60 from father’s estate in 1864, at which time he was living in Carrol Co., IN.
Catherine (wife of John Schrock)–Her father’s will states she was to receive $5 from the estate; however, this distribution is not listed in the probate record. (Why was the amount only $5? Did Catherine receive her portion when she and John left for Illinois? Other children moved away but did not receive their distribution until after Michael’s death.)

Death finally came to Michael 30 Nov 1861. When wife Magdalena died fourteen years later, she was buried along side Michael in Lot 2, Section 3, Mound Cemetery, Butler Co., OH.


Probate records 41 reveal that John Long received $21 for Michael’s coffin and services. M. Doell (?) received $8 for “oil cloth coat needed for funeral of Michael Salzman.” Mound Cemetery (Rich Davies) was paid $26.25 (presumably for the lot) and $2.50 for interment of the body. Dr. D. R. Dyche submitted a bill totaling $25 for services on 16 different days during October 1861, no doubt for medical attention during Michael’s final sickness before death.

On 3 Feb 1862, an inventory 42 of personal property gave the value as $215.32. Items included 1 milk cow, $15; 1 kitchen cupboard, $10; 2 blankets and quilt coverlet, $12; 1 bed and bedstead and bedding, $24; 1 keg wine and 1 barrel vinegar, $8; a note against Andrew McCleary for $56, which was declared “of doubtful value.”

Son John was sworn in 1904 that he had carried out his duty as guardian of funds for Michael’s grandchildren (children of Marie Russell) and had paid all that was due under the terms of the will. The funds were distributed to Mrs. Carrie Hill, C. M. Igleberger (Eichelberger), Mary C. Allen, Harry Igleberger, L.F. Igleberger, M. Elizabeth Russell and Leah L. Russell. 43

So ends the chronicles of my great, great, great, great grandfather Michael Salzman.


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For several months in 2004/2005 I was in contact with Joseph Staker, who was researching his Staker connections in Tazewell County. These connections include many Amish Mennonite families with names such as Salzman, Schrock, Birkey, Zehr, Schertz, Engel, Garber, Roth, Ropp and Farney. Since there is interconnectedness in our family lines we worked together to decipher connections from original documents and collected works. Joe has done the footwork of ordering and reading film after film of French civil records. I added what I could to his findings. He has done a great service in connecting so many of the families of Tazewell County and surroundings. His family document is online. (The link is on my Home Page.) I thank Joe especially for leading me to the ship list with the names of my Schrock and Salzman immigrants.


Quarterly Abstract April 1-June 30, 1831- Le Havre to Baltimore Passengers from France:


111 Joseph Gacho (Gascho) 53 M Farmer
112 John Gacho 23 M
113 Joseph Gacho 22 M
114 Woodoline Gacho 26 M
115 Madaline Newhauser (Neuhauser) 30 F
116 Barbara Newhauser 9 F
117 Joseph Newhauser 5 M
118 Christian Newhauser 3 M
119 John Newhauser 6 M
124 Peter Angel (Engel) 37 M Farmer
Son of Bishop Christian Engel of Metamora, who did not immigrate until 1833.
125 John Angel 18 M
126 Jacob Angel 20 M
127 Peter Angel 10 M
128 Catherine Angel 41 F
Katharine Ringenberg, born 1793, dau. of Jean Ringenberg of Sarrebourg and Marie Engel of Imling; first married Josef Vercler, then Peter Engel. See Guth p. 226.
129 Mary Angel 22 F
130 Catherine Rogi [Rocke/Roggy] 34 F
131 Madaline Rogi 7 F
132 Mary Swissi [later Switzer] 22 F
133 Christiana Swissi 2 F
134 John Swissi 23 M Farmer
140 Christophe Roshe [Rocher] 66 M
141 Joseph Roshe 30 M
142 Mary Roshe
Marie Rocher married Bishop Michael Mosiman.
20 F
143 David Shirtz (Schertz)
43 M Farmer
David Schertz of Buhl born 1786-1860, son of Jean Schertz and Anna Engel; married Catherine Belsley, then Anna Rocher (daughter of Christophe Rocher/Rusche above).
144 Joseph Shirtz 1825-1903, a son of Anna Rocher. 6 M
145 Peter Shirtz 1827-1832, a son of Anna Rocher. 4 M
146 Joseph Bachel 
18 M
No doubt “Black Joe” Belsley, who came with Catherine Belsley and David Schertz.
147 Jno Gerral (Gerrad/Gerrard) 30 M Farmer
Johannes Schrock (1801-1874), husband/father of #152,156,157


148 Madaline Shirtz (Schertz) 18 F
149 Ann Shirtz 38 F
150 Catherine Shirtz 16 F
151 Barbara Shirtz 7 F
152 Catherine Gerrard (Schrock) 26 F
Catherine Salzman, wife of Johannes Schrock
153 Anna Gerrard
Could this be Barbara Schrock who married “Red” Joe Belsley?
27 F
154 Madeline Gerrard
Likely Magdalena Schrock who married Christian Schmidt/Smith.
19 F
155 Mary Gerrard 52 F
156 Catherine Gerrard
Daughter of Johannes and Catherine Schrock
1 F
157 Joseph Gerrard
Son of Johannes and Catherine Schrock
3 M
158 Michael Salsman (Salzman)
Father of Catherine #152
51 M Farmer
159 Peter Salsman
Son of Michael Salsman
31 M
160 Jacob Salsman
Son of Michael Salsman
16 M
161 Michael Salsman
Son of Michael Salsman
7 M
162 Andre Salsman 2 F
163 Christophe Salsman
Son of Michael Salsman
18 M Farmer
164 Madaline Salsman
Michael Salzman’s second wife Magdalena Eymann
35 F
165 Mariah Salsman 32 F
166 Barbe Salsman
Daughter of Michael Salsman
12 F
167 Marie Salsman
Daughter of Michael Salsman
10 F
168 Catherine Salsman
Daughter of Michael Salsman
5 F
169 Madaline Salsman 20 F
170 Peter Gerrard (Schrock) 30 M Miller
Peter Schrock, b. 1802, who married Marie Magdalena Zimmerman, then Magdalena Rediger. Lived in Lemon Township, minister with the Augsburger group. Brother of Johannes #147
171 Peter Gerrard
Son of Peter
3 M
172 Mary Gerrard
Marie Magdalena Zimmerman, first wife of Peter Schrock
27 F
173 Madaline Gerrard
Daughter of Peter
1 F
174 Jacob Simmerman (Zimmerman)
Father-in-law of Peter Schrock?
52 M Farmer
175 Christopher Simmerman 12 M
176 John Simmerman 4 M
177 Betsey Simmerman 47 F
178 Madaline Simmerman 18 F
179 Catherine Simmerman 4 F
180 Anna Simmerman 2 F
181 Christian Kemp 18 M Farmer
182 Andre Salsman
Brother of Michael Salsman
35 M
183 Artre Salsman (Arthur Otto)
Son of Andre Salzman, married to Magdalena Schrag
5 M
184 Antre Salsman (Andrew)
Son of Andre Salsman
2 M


185 Barbere Salsman
Daughter of Andre Salzman, later married Christian King Jr.
3 F
186 Anna Salsman
Wife of Andre Salzman, born Anna Catherine Hodler
30 F
187 Joseph Schertz 40 M Farmer
188 Christian Schertz 22 M
201 Andre Shirtz (Schertz) 38 M
202 Marle (?) Schirtz 11 M
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