Trenton, Butler Co., OH: The Schrock-Birkey Connection

Trenton, Butler Co., OH


Latitude: 39.480890500, Longitude: -84.457722200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Imhoff, Magdalene  1 Jan 1855Trenton, Butler Co., OH I13402
2 Schick, Katharine  5 Oct 1850Trenton, Butler Co., OH I13393
3 Schick, Barbara  19 Apr 1847Trenton, Butler Co., OH I13392
4 Schrock, John  26 Mar 1843Trenton, Butler Co., OH I462
5 Augspurger, Joseph S.  27 Jan 1843Trenton, Butler Co., OH I9812
6 Augspurger, John  19 Jul 1819Trenton, Butler Co., OH I4912


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Schrock, John Herman  8 Apr 2018Trenton, Butler Co., OH I9475
2 Schrock, Joseph Albert  31 Oct 1945Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2045
3 Ehrenhart, Louise Elizabeth  Abt 1940Trenton, Butler Co., OH I14314
4 Augspurger, Christian C.  May 1939Trenton, Butler Co., OH I13112
5 Young, Peter  21 Dec 1923Trenton, Butler Co., OH I13108
6 Schrock, Jr., Peter  5 Mar 1905Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2043
7 Kennel, Magdalena Elisabeth  25 Jan 1902Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2059
8 Kennel, Peter  14 Feb 1896Trenton, Butler Co., OH I6497
9 Schrock, Peter  7 Sep 1887Trenton, Butler Co., OH I471
10 Augsburger, Elizabeth K. (Lizzie)  28 Aug 1874Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2044
11 Zimmerman, Marie  31 Dec 1862Trenton, Butler Co., OH I478


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Heiser, Katharina J.  3 Nov 1891Trenton, Butler Co., OH I5185
2 Schrock, Peter  9 Sep 1887Trenton, Butler Co., OH I471
3 Zimmerman, Marie  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I478
4 Zimmerman, Andrew F.  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I10952
5 Thienemann, Carolene Louise  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I5646
6 Schrock, Jr., Peter  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2043
7 Schrock, Preston Allen  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I12334
8 Schrock, Joseph Albert  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2045
9 Schrock, John Herman  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I9475
10 Schrock, John  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2055
11 Schrock, Homer Hyde  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2046
12 Schrag, Maria (Mary)  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2052
13 Schrag, Magdalena  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2051
14 Schrag, Elizabeth  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2056
15 Schrag, Anna  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2053
16 Salzman, Mary B.  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I4893
17 Salzman, Joseph Arthur (Otto)  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I723
18 Salzman, Christian  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I4887
19 Kinsinger, Elisabeth  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I7881
20 Kinsinger, Christian  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2081
21 Kennel, Thomas Jefferson  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I5411
22 Kennel, Peter  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I6497
23 Kennel, Magdalena Elisabeth  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2059
24 Kennel, Johannes “Little John” Jr.  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I5213
25 Jutzi, Susanna  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I6870
26 Iutzi, Emilie  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I8209
27 Humston, Thelma Geneva  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I5649
28 Hauter, Katherine  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2080
29 Augspurger, Lina  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I4847
30 Augspurger, Jacob J.  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I5186
31 Augspurger, Emelia  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2082
32 Augsburger, Elizabeth K. (Lizzie)  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I2044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Schrock, John Herman  Trenton, Butler Co., OH I9475


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Belsly (Belsley) / Schertz  28 Oct 1856Trenton, Butler Co., OH F3423
2 Schertz / Augspurger  23 May 1856Trenton, Butler Co., OH F4545
3 Schick / Augspurger  3 Mar 1844Trenton, Butler Co., OH F1861
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