Gridley, McLean Co., IL: The Schrock-Birkey Connection

Gridley, McLean Co., IL


Latitude: 40.743368200, Longitude: -88.881457800


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Oyer, Michael Jon   I2905
2 Birkey, Carolyn Rae  21 May 1940Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2608
3 Birkey, Joan Kaye   I2607
4 Stalter, Ronald Duane   I3201
5 Stalter, Roger Dean  23 Sep 1933Gridley, McLean Co., IL I3200
6 Birkey, Lowell Richard  30 Mar 1933Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2606
7 Stalter, Minerva Jean   I249
8 Stalter, Marilyn Kathryn  18 Nov 1929Gridley, McLean Co., IL I3199
9 Birkey, Norma June  5 Jun 1927Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2605
10 Yordy, Delmar   I4439
11 Zehr, Herbert L.  4 Jul 1925Gridley, McLean Co., IL I15602
12 Birkey, Velda Mae  30 Dec 1924Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2604
13 Stalter, Edna Mae  21 Jun 1914Gridley, McLean Co., IL I15942
14 Stalter, Aaron J.  9 Jun 1906Gridley, McLean Co., IL I298
15 Stalter, Anna Berneita  26 Nov 1902Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7328
16 Stalter, Tressie Mae  6 Feb 1902Gridley, McLean Co., IL I27294
17 Stalter, Tressie Mae  6 Feb 1902Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10415
18 Stalter, Ella Kathryn  15 Mar 1901Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10253
19 Ringenberg, Arthur Harley  26 Jul 1897Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10259
20 Zimmerman, Lydia  13 Sep 1882Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6954
21 Yotty, Phoebe  23 Jan 1881Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7739
22 Yordy, Francis  4 Aug 1880Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5163
23 Stalter, Magdalena  17 Jun 1880Gridley, McLean Co., IL I27068
24 Stalter, Magdalena  17 Jun 1880Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10189
25 Yordy, William  4 Sep 1878Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5162
26 Smith, John J.  5 Apr 1874Gridley, McLean Co., IL I4537
27 Stalter, Henry  29 Dec 1872Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10240
28 Sutter, Lizzie  16 Oct 1872Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5276
29 Stauffer, Phoebe  3 Mar 1872Gridley, McLean Co., IL I16251
30 Stalter, John  24 Feb 1872Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10191
31 Yoder, John M.  22 Dec 1871Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5320
32 Smith (Schmidt), Peter J.  26 May 1870Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5169
33 Lund, Amelia Caroline  2 Aug 1869Gridley, McLean Co., IL I213
34 Stalter, Barbara  15 Feb 1868Gridley, McLean Co., IL I9497
35 Sutter, Peter W.  28 Oct 1867Gridley, McLean Co., IL I4551
36 Lauber, Barbara  30 Jun 1866Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13665
37 Sutter, Joseph W.  26 May 1866Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5274
38 Sutter, Magdalena  11 Jun 1863Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5284
39 Unzicker, John  11 Oct 1858Gridley, McLean Co., IL I8977


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Yordy, Amsy Daniel (Bud)  7 Dec 1980Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7558
2 Litwiller, William  13 Jul 1980Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2958
3 Stalter, Ella Kathryn  9 Apr 1963Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10253
4 Ringenberger, Rachel  25 Feb 1954Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10880
5 Ringenberger, Sarah  19 Aug 1944Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10887
6 Funk, Christina  19 Aug 1944Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13160
7 Gingerich, Joseph P.  10 Aug 1944Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7513
8 Ringenberger, Abraham  3 Apr 1940Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7831
9 Augsburger, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1936Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13159
10 Ringenberger, Peter  30 Apr 1933Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10885
11 Sommer, Mary  29 Nov 1929Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7614
12 Sommer, Elizabeth  18 May 1927Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7616
13 Rediger, Jacobina  7 Mar 1922Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5128
14 Saltzman, Jacobina (Phoebe)  8 Feb 1921Gridley, McLean Co., IL I4856
15 Donner (Danner), Magdalena  23 Nov 1920Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5824
16 Saltzmann, Elisa Elizabeth  17 Feb 1920Gridley, McLean Co., IL I12803
17 Rediger, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1919Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5126
18 Stalter, Mary  11 Dec 1917Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10144
19 Schlegel, Christian S.  27 Feb 1913Gridley, McLean Co., IL I11906
20 Steinman, Jacob  3 Mar 1908Gridley, McLean Co., IL I14305
21 Rich, Jacob  19 Jan 1907Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7697
22 Schmucker, Magdalena  23 Jul 1906Gridley, McLean Co., IL I9097
23 Funk, Henry  1 Nov 1905Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10881
24 Schultz, Frederick W.  20 Jun 1903Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13161
25 Ehresman, Jacobine  12 Jan 1900Gridley, McLean Co., IL I356
26 Rediger, Magdalena  23 Apr 1896Gridley, McLean Co., IL I479
27 Stalter, Joseph R.  1 Sep 1893Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10353
28 Ringenberger, Peter  18 Jan 1892Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2356
29 Ehresman, John  13 Dec 1891Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7669
30 Sommer, Peter  29 Mar 1880Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6419
31 Oyer, Veronica (Fannie)  30 May 1872Gridley, McLean Co., IL I364
32 Steinman, Jacob  19 Mar 1865Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6002


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Miller, Lilly Alice  23 Nov 1971Gridley, McLean Co., IL I4521
2 Stalter, William E.  22 Nov 1971Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10402
3 Brave, Margaret L  23 Jul 1969Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10242
4 Stalter, Magdalena  24 Aug 1968Gridley, McLean Co., IL I27068
5 Stalter, Magdalena  24 Aug 1968Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10189
6 Rediger, Magdalena  26 Apr 1896Gridley, McLean Co., IL I479
7 Zimmerman, Lydia  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7830
8 Zehr, Marie  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I1127
9 Zehr, Lloyd  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10246
10 Stalter, Mary  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10118
11 Stalter, Ludwig (Louis)  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I4897
12 Stalter, Joseph  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I27072
13 Stalter, Joseph  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10193
14 Stalter, Jacob  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I27073
15 Stalter, Jacob  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10194
16 Stalter, Irvin Edgar  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10244
17 Sommer, Mary  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7614
18 Sommer, Elizabeth  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7569
19 Sommer, Elizabeth  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7616
20 Schultz, Frederick W.  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13161
21 Schrock, Anna  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I1405
22 Schlegel, Christian S.  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I11906
23 Schertz, Katherina (Katie)  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10381
24 Ropp, Jacob F.  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7578
25 Rocke, Mildred Louise  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7367
26 Rinkenberger, Mary  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6242
27 Ringenberger, Sarah  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10887
28 Ringenberger, Rachel  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10880
29 Ringenberger, Peter  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2356
30 Ringenberger, Peter  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10885
31 Ringenberger, Jean  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2353
32 Ringenberger, Christian  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6243
33 Ringenberger, Catherine (Katie)  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10882
34 Ringenberger, Anna  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10886
35 Ringenberger, Abraham  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7831
36 Ringenberg, Gideon  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10878
37 Rich, Jacob  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7697
38 Oswald, Alma  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10427
39 Neuhauser, Samuel  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6577
40 Litwiller, William  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2958
41 King, Anna  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5238
42 Good, Joseph C.  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I4761
43 Gingerich, Joseph P.  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I7513
44 Garber, Katie  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2357
45 Garber, Anna  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I2354
46 Funk, Henry  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I10881
47 Funk, Christina  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13160
48 Brunn, Barbara  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I16265
49 Augsburger, Elizabeth  Gridley, McLean Co., IL I13159


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Burkey, Joseph  1900Gridley, McLean Co., IL I5127
2 Zehr, Daniel  1880Gridley, McLean Co., IL I1123
3 Bürcky (Birki), Joseph  Aug 1870Gridley, McLean Co., IL I18


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Neuhauser, John  1867Gridley, McLean Co., IL I16563
2 Sommer, Peter  1866Gridley, McLean Co., IL I6419
3 Rediger, Joseph  1859Gridley, McLean Co., IL I369


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cender / Stalter  7 Dec 1927Gridley, McLean Co., IL F409
2 Ingold / Stalter  8 Jan 1925Gridley, McLean Co., IL F3932
3 Stalter / Stalter  1 Mar 1896Gridley, McLean Co., IL F7170
4 Eichelberger / Ackerman  28 Jun 1891Gridley, McLean Co., IL F11275
5 King / Smith (Schmitt)  5 Mar 1885Gridley, McLean Co., IL F3617
6 Oyer / Smith  15 Jan 1880Gridley, McLean Co., IL F1736
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