Franklin Co., MO: The Schrock-Birkey Connection

Franklin Co., MO



Latitude: 38.395360100, Longitude: -91.135302000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackwell, Milford John  23 Oct 1919Franklin Co., MO I1163
2 Park, Elizabeth Olive  30 Jun 1912Franklin Co., MO I1290
3 Blackwell, Ada Marie  22 May 1894Franklin Co., MO I668
4 Childers, Mary Francis  6 Sep 1882Franklin Co., MO I673
5 Cromer, William W.  1869Franklin Co., MO I2032
6 Park, John Anderson  1864Franklin Co., MO I1302
7 Blackwell, James William Henry Thomas  2 May 1862Franklin Co., MO I664
8 Weirich, Mary  Mar 1861Franklin Co., MO I2015
9 West, Elizabeth Ann (Bets)  14 Jun 1858Franklin Co., MO I666
10 Park, William Nathan  12 Apr 1858Franklin Co., MO I1301
11 West, Luke Paris  1858Franklin Co., MO I1482
12 Park, Sarah Lucinda (Cindy)  May 1857Franklin Co., MO I637
13 Childers, Naomi  Abt 1857Franklin Co., MO I1810
14 Park, William Joseph  25 Nov 1856Franklin Co., MO I705
15 McEuen, Nancy  1856Franklin Co., MO I1337
16 Childers, Melissa  Abt 1852Franklin Co., MO I1808
17 Blackwell, George Newton  24 May 1851Franklin Co., MO I5584
18 Blackwell, Johnnie  Aft 1850Franklin Co., MO I5594
19 Childers, Johanna  Abt 1850Franklin Co., MO I1806
20 Blackwell, Sarah  Abt 1850Franklin Co., MO I678
21 Armistead, Elizabeth Francis  9 Oct 1848Franklin Co., MO I2533
22 Blackwell, Mary S.  1848Franklin Co., MO I1281
23 Blackwell, Lockey Jane  Abt 1848Franklin Co., MO I5583
24 Thompson, Melinda Olive  30 Mar 1847Franklin Co., MO I623
25 West, Henry Marion  8 Oct 1846Franklin Co., MO I1358
26 Rhodus, John  1846Franklin Co., MO I1562
27 Cooper, Isam Ebenezer  1846Franklin Co., MO I1444
28 Cromer, Mary Frances  24 Feb 1845Franklin Co., MO I1431
29 Blackwell, Robert  1845Franklin Co., MO I5581
30 Park, Sarah J.  Abt 1844Franklin Co., MO I1873
31 Park, Louis C.  29 Jan 1843Franklin Co., MO I1438
32 Cooper, Jesse  1843Franklin Co., MO I1443
33 Childers, John  Abt 1843Franklin Co., MO I1805
34 Blackwell, William  1842Franklin Co., MO I5582
35 Cooper, Susan Ellen  1841Franklin Co., MO I1442
36 Adams, Robert Michell  25 Dec 1839Franklin Co., MO I1802
37 Cooper, Mary Melvina  1839Franklin Co., MO I1441
38 Childers, Martha J.  Abt 1839Franklin Co., MO I1803
39 Childers, Mary Ann  15 Sep 1837Franklin Co., MO I1801
40 Park, James M.  1837Franklin Co., MO I716
41 Cooper, Nancy Ann  1837Franklin Co., MO I1669
42 Childers, Thomas G.  Abt 1837Franklin Co., MO I1800
43 Havener, Joseph Alexander  Abt 1836Franklin Co., MO I1799
44 Valentine, Benjamin J.  Mar 1835Franklin Co., MO I1804
45 Childers, Nancy Theresa  3 Feb 1835Franklin Co., MO I1798
46 West, John William (Westley?)  Abt 1834Franklin Co., MO I682
47 Jamieson, Elizabeth  1833Franklin Co., MO I1524
48 Childers, Elihu Randolph  Abt 1833Franklin Co., MO I1796
49 Dent, Samuel  28 Feb 1832Franklin Co., MO I925
50 Park, Elizabeth  1832Franklin Co., MO I714

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Weirich, Wilbert Elsworth  27 Apr 1975Franklin Co., MO I1279
2 Weirich, Gustave Eli  13 Oct 1962Franklin Co., MO I1307
3 Park, Benjamin Anderson  24 Sep 1956Franklin Co., MO I1345
4 Park, William Nathan  15 Jun 1944Franklin Co., MO I1301
5 Shepard, Mary A.  6 Apr 1940Franklin Co., MO I1338
6 Childers, Joanne Alice  21 Sep 1935Franklin Co., MO I969
7 Licklider, Elmer  19 Mar 1920Franklin Co., MO I674
8 Blankenship, Sarah Frances (Fannie)  25 Apr 1919Franklin Co., MO I1294
9 Childers, George Henry  5 May 1911Franklin Co., MO I1710
10 Stiewig, Sarah Francis  23 Feb 1907Franklin Co., MO I1516
11 Jamieson, Elizabeth  26 Jul 1903Franklin Co., MO I1524
12 West, Luke A.  22 Jun 1900Franklin Co., MO I1821
13 Dent, Malinda  13 Nov 1897Franklin Co., MO I765
14 McEuen, Nancy  11 Nov 1896Franklin Co., MO I1337
15 Armistead, Mary B.  12 Feb 1894Franklin Co., MO I5577
16 Weirich, Newton William  17 Sep 1891Franklin Co., MO I1276
17 Cooper, Nancy Ann  26 Apr 1890Franklin Co., MO I1669
18 Miller, Mary (Polly) Clarinda  1 Jul 1888Franklin Co., MO I739
19 Childers, James P.  28 Jan 1882Franklin Co., MO I1385
20 Huffman, Susanna  10 Dec 1872Franklin Co., MO I1517
21 Childers, Spicy  Aft 1870Franklin Co., MO I1400
22 Childers, Mary Ann  21 Feb 1870Franklin Co., MO I1801
23 Terry, Green C.  Bef 1870Franklin Co., MO I1791
24 Blackwell, William M.  23 Dec 1868Franklin Co., MO I5576
25 Mitchell, Sarah  Sep 1868Franklin Co., MO I1703
26 Cromer, David Miles  1868Franklin Co., MO I1904
27 Valentine, Eli  3 Mar 1865Franklin Co., MO I1707
28 West, George Marion  18 Mar 1864Franklin Co., MO I1421
29 Johnson, Dyson  30 Jul 1863Franklin Co., MO I770
30 Park, James M.  Abt 1863Franklin Co., MO I716
31 Walton, Phoebe  1860Franklin Co., MO I5225
32 Childers, Sarah  Between 1850-1860Franklin Co., MO I1705
33 Armistead, William  1860Franklin Co., MO I2845
34 Childers, John  Bef 1859Franklin Co., MO I1805
35 Graham, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1857Franklin Co., MO I1539
36 Childers, Henry  25 Dec 1856Franklin Co., MO I1378
37 Childers, Capt. Thomas Goolsby  21 Dec 1856Franklin Co., MO I1559
38 Richardson, Mary “Polly”  20 Sep 1855Franklin Co., MO I1560
39 Parks, Malvina (Lavina?)  25 Apr 1853Franklin Co., MO I729
40 Cromer, Martin  Abt 1852Franklin Co., MO I1413
41 Richardson, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1850Franklin Co., MO I1793
42 Blair, Margaret  Bef 1848Franklin Co., MO I1546
43 Maupin, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1846Franklin Co., MO I1515
44 Childers, Nancy  1845Franklin Co., MO I15683
45 Harris, Elizabeth  Abt 1843Franklin Co., MO I1505
46 Harris, Martha “Patsy”  10 Feb 1842Franklin Co., MO I15682
47 West, Parker  1842Franklin Co., MO I1370
48 Adams, Henry  Aug 1841Franklin Co., MO I1706
49 Estes Townsend, Nancy  1835Franklin Co., MO I1765
50 Dent, Samuel  10 Apr 1834Franklin Co., MO I708

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 West, Luke A.  Franklin Co., MO I1821
2 West, Arena Jane  Franklin Co., MO I1357
3 Weirich, Newton William  Franklin Co., MO I1276
4 Weirich, Herman Eli  Franklin Co., MO I1268
5 Stiewig, Sarah Francis  Franklin Co., MO I1516
6 Richardson, Elizabeth  Franklin Co., MO I1793
7 Park, William Nathan  Franklin Co., MO I1301
8 Park, Benjamin Anderson  Franklin Co., MO I1345
9 McEuen, Nancy  Franklin Co., MO I1337
10 Huffman, Susanna  Franklin Co., MO I1517
11 Harris, Martha “Patsy”  Franklin Co., MO I15682
12 Gehlauf, Ellsworth (Elzie) Richard  Franklin Co., MO I1285
13 Ficke, Henrietta V.  Franklin Co., MO I1461
14 Dent, Samuel  Franklin Co., MO I708
15 Cooper, Nancy Ann  Franklin Co., MO I1669
16 Brown, Martha Jane  Franklin Co., MO I1462
17 Blankenship, Sarah Frances (Fannie)  Franklin Co., MO I1294
18 Blankenship, Mamie Alice  Franklin Co., MO I15820
19 Blackwell, Henry T.  Franklin Co., MO I672
20 Armistead, Mary B.  Franklin Co., MO I5577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, William R.  1900Franklin Co., MO I2248
2 Thompson, John Anderson  1880Franklin Co., MO I648
3 Parks, William (W.W.)  1880Franklin Co., MO I1328
4 Park, Anderson  1880Franklin Co., MO I727
5 May(S), Mary J.  1880Franklin Co., MO I5586
6 Blankenship, William R.  1880Franklin Co., MO I2248
7 Park, James  1860Franklin Co., MO I1871
8 Childers, George Henry  1860Franklin Co., MO I1710
9 West, Morris  10 Sep 1850Franklin Co., MO I1351
10 West, John William (Westley?)  10 Sep 1850Franklin Co., MO I682
11 Valentine, Ira  1850Franklin Co., MO I1867
12 Thompson, John Anderson  1850Franklin Co., MO I648
13 Parke, Dudley  1850Franklin Co., MO I1688
14 Park, William  1850Franklin Co., MO I641
15 Park, James  1850Franklin Co., MO I1871
16 Park, Ebenezer  1850Franklin Co., MO I728
17 Park, Angeline  1850Franklin Co., MO I649
18 Park, Anderson  1850Franklin Co., MO I727
19 Dent, Olive (Olly)  1850Franklin Co., MO I766
20 Dent, Lavina  1850Franklin Co., MO I764
21 Davis, Mary Susan (Polly)  1850Franklin Co., MO I1368
22 Davis, Garrett  1850Franklin Co., MO I1432
23 Cromer, Mary F.  1850Franklin Co., MO I4968
24 Cromer, Louis C.  1850Franklin Co., MO I1458
25 Cromer, James Lemuel  1850Franklin Co., MO I5316
26 Cromer, Elizabeth  1850Franklin Co., MO I5370
27 Cromer, Eliza  1850Franklin Co., MO I5369
28 Cromer, David  1850Franklin Co., MO I5371
29 Cromer, Chesney  1850Franklin Co., MO I1388
30 Cooper, George Washington  1850Franklin Co., MO I734
31 Childers, Capt. Thomas Goolsby  1850Franklin Co., MO I1559
32 Childers, James P.  1850Franklin Co., MO I1385
33 Childers, Henry  1850Franklin Co., MO I1378
34 Childers, Benjamin P.  1850Franklin Co., MO I1377
35 Blackwell, William M.  1850Franklin Co., MO I5576
36 Blackwell, Clayton  1850Franklin Co., MO I680
37 Altum, Spencer  1850Franklin Co., MO I737
38 Adams, Permelia  1850Franklin Co., MO I1552
39 West, Parker  1840Franklin Co., MO I1370
40 Cromer, Martin  1840Franklin Co., MO I1413
41 Huffman, William  1830Franklin Co., MO I1518
42 Huffman, Nelson  1830Franklin Co., MO I1773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    PURC    Person ID 
1 Thompson, John Anderson  1851Franklin Co., MO I648
2 Park, William  1848Franklin Co., MO I641
3 Richardson, Mary “Polly”  1 Oct 1845Franklin Co., MO I1560
4 West, Parker  10 Apr 1843Franklin Co., MO I1370
5 Childers, Capt. Thomas Goolsby  7 Sep 1838Franklin Co., MO I1559
6 Dent, Samuel  1 Oct 1835Franklin Co., MO I708
7 Dent, Samuel  1818Franklin Co., MO I708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 West, John William (Westley?)  31 Aug 1854Franklin Co., MO I682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Undefined    Person ID 
1 Childers, James P.  7 Jun 1842Franklin Co., MO I1385


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Park / Armistead  31 Mar 1912Franklin Co., MO F963
2 Park / Burton  10 May 1910Franklin Co., MO F271
3 Hammer / Park  11 Jan 1893Franklin Co., MO F276
4 Gehlauf / Park  17 Dec 1891Franklin Co., MO F275
5 Trautwein / Park  12 Dec 1889Franklin Co., MO F274
6 Cooper / Bandy  15 Nov 1888Franklin Co., MO F1784
7 McCallister / Park  27 Oct 1887Franklin Co., MO F914
8 Park / Bishop  1887Franklin Co., MO F1291
9 Cooper / Wagers  6 Jul 1884Franklin Co., MO F1047
10 Grob / Thompson  2 May 1883Franklin Co., MO F286
11 Angell / Smith  12 Mar 1881Franklin Co., MO F1057
12 Spradling / Childers  13 Jan 1879Franklin Co., MO F1273
13 West / Ficke  3 Feb 1878Franklin Co., MO F1064
14 Park / McEuen  31 May 1877Franklin Co., MO F538
15 Keeney / West  26 Nov 1874Franklin Co., MO F533
16 Childers / Stiewig  2 Nov 1873Franklin Co., MO F1208
17 Thompson / Park  7 Sep 1873Franklin Co., MO F284
18 Blackwell / May(S)  1 Feb 1872Franklin Co., MO F3922
19 Labinger / Cooper  19 Apr 1871Franklin Co., MO F1046
20 Kitchen / Blackwell  19 Apr 1871Franklin Co., MO F3923
21 Cooper / Armistead  20 Feb 1868Franklin Co., MO F1049
22 Harris / Cooper  16 Jan 1868Franklin Co., MO F631
23 Park / Thompson  28 Mar 1867Franklin Co., MO F269
24 Wilson / West  8 Mar 1866Franklin Co., MO F969
25 Smith / Ankrum  12 Mar 1863Franklin Co., MO F289
26 Adams / Childers  9 Aug 1860Franklin Co., MO F1269
27 Cooper / Fryer  3 Jan 1860Franklin Co., MO F483
28 West / Cooper  12 Sep 1859Franklin Co., MO F633
29 West / Park  17 Apr 1859Franklin Co., MO F1170
30 Blankenship / Park  19 Feb 1859Franklin Co., MO F1597
31 Havener / Childers  3 Feb 1859Franklin Co., MO F1267
32 Blankenship / Cromer  19 Jan 1859Franklin Co., MO F1590
33 Valentine / Childers  10 Dec 1857Franklin Co., MO F1270
34 West / Park  31 May 1857Franklin Co., MO F1171
35 Kelly / Cromer  1857Franklin Co., MO F1442
36 Crawford / Cooper  21 Aug 1856Franklin Co., MO F1045
37 West / Ankrum  31 Aug 1854Franklin Co., MO F295
38 Davis / Cromer  22 Sep 1853Franklin Co., MO F527
39 West / Joice  16 Dec 1852Franklin Co., MO F1031
40 Childers / Valentine  Nov 1852Franklin Co., MO F1116
41 Park / Stites  12 Feb 1852Franklin Co., MO F338
42 Childers / Mitchell  14 Feb 1850Franklin Co., MO F1019
43 Childers / Payne  4 Jul 1848Franklin Co., MO F1261
44 Childers / Mitchell  24 Nov 1847Franklin Co., MO F1202
45 Blackwell / Childers  18 Feb 1847Franklin Co., MO F294
46 Childers / Inman  Oct 1845Franklin Co., MO F1250
47 Altum / Parks  10 Apr 1845Franklin Co., MO F337
48 Thompson / Park  11 Mar 1845Franklin Co., MO F280
49 Park / Stites  18 Jan 1843Franklin Co., MO F336
50 Park / Compton  4 Oct 1842Franklin Co., MO F1104

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Keeney / West  Abt 1900Franklin Co., MO F533
2 Maupin / Childers  Franklin Co., MO F1114
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