Descendancy for Maria (Mary) Bircky (Birky): The Schrock-Birkey Connection

Maria (Mary) Bircky (Birky)

Female 1833 - 1908  (75 years)

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Joseph B. Schrock
Male 1874-1962
Lydia Roth
Female 1876-1954
Katie Roth
Female 1896-1897
Myrtle Roth
Female 1900-
William Roth
Male 1901-1942
Elizabeth Roth
Female 1906-1951
Mattie Roth
Female 1908-
Mary Schrock
Female 1877-1955
Samuel Roth
Male 1874-1932
William Ernst
Male 1906-1952
Ralph Ernst
Male 1914-1943
Katherine Schrock
Female 1879-1949
Emil Ernst
Male 3 Nov-
Magdalena Schrock
Female 1903-1988
Isaac Schelkopf
Male 1898-1965
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Pearl Schrock
Female 1905-1969
Allen Kline
Male 1897-1974
Ada Schrock
Female 1907-
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Harry Schrock
Male 1908-1980
Hollis Neel
Male 1908-1996
Floyd Schrock
Male 1913-1914
Florence Schrock
Female 1913-Aft 2005
Robert Yates
Male 1911-1968
Mary Roth
Female 1884-1961
Bertha Schrock
Female 1910-1944
Leo Schrock
Male 1911-1982
Peter B. Schrock
Male 1883-1974
Anna R. Beller
Female 1888-1978
Christian Lichti
Male 1910-1973
Amelia Schrock
Female 1884-1969
Daniel S. Lichti
Male 1883-1954
Magdalena Schrock
Female 1887-1973
Samuel S. Lichti
Male 1879-1923
Samuel Steider
Male 1879-1959
Donald E. Schrock
Male 1919-2008
John B. Schrock
Male 1889-1934
Ira Schrock
Male 1921-1928
Joy Floyd Schrock
Male 1925-1994
Daniel B. Schrock
Male 1891-1974
Edna Magwitz
Female 1901-Aft 1925
Martha Schrock
Female 1893-1974
George Boice
Male 1892-1974
Lydia B. Schrock
Female 1894-1982
Fred Denzin
Male 1891-1961
Samuel B. Schrock
Male 1897-1973
Alma Wertz
Female 1898-1994
Catherine Birky
Female 1852-1931
Mary Eichelberger
Female 1883-1930
Benjamin Gascho
Male 1878-1963
Mattie Roth
Female 1886-1965
Leta M. Oyer
Female 1926-2012
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Katie A. Lauber
Female 1891-1942
Emma Eichelberger
Female 1893-1989
Elizabeth Birky
Female 1853-1907
Joseph Noah Birky
Male 1883-1953
Amanda Roth
Female 1891-1937
Christian Schrock
Male 1896-1897
Eva Marie Schrock
Female 1914-2007
Roy Lee Schrock
Male 1911-2001
Mildred Eleanor
Female 1915-2001
Mary Ellen Birky
Female 1886-1924
Amelia S. Birky
Female 1888-1987
Leah B. Birky
Female 1894-1975
Emma Rachel Birky
Female 1897-1980
Jacob Birky
Male 1855-1917
Mary Ann Martin
Female 1864-1952
Lloyd Schertz
Male 1905-1972
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Dora Marie Zehr
Female 1914-1994
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Mildred Edna Zehr
Female 1918-1997
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Milo Eugene Zehr
Male 1924-2016
Gladys Irene Egli
Female 1928-2010
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Mollie Ann Birkey
Female 1882-1969
Daniel Peter Zehr
Male 1880-1959
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Ruth Mae Oyer
Female 1920-1992
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Ruby Belle Oyer
Female 1920-2013
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Lois Mae Birkey
Female 1930-2010
Paul Bachman
Male 1927-2018
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Ida Barbara Zehr
Female 1888-1965
Wilma Mae Hedrick
Female 1914-2003
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Emma Jean Allen
Female 1920-2020
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Verna Mae Good
Female 1925-2013
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Roy Emery Birkey
Male 1923-1923
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Lela Phoebe Zehr
Female 1916-2008
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Fern Marie Zehr
Female 1918-2009
Orva S. Helmuth
Male 1915-2009
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Wayne Edward Zehr
Male 1926-1994
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Wilmer Dale Zehr
Male 1932-2017
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Daniel Alvin Zehr
Male 1890-1973
Leota Mary Birkey
Female 1919-2016
Paul Maurice Springer
Male 1918-Bef 2011
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Velda Mae Birkey
Female 1924-2018
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Carolyn Rae Birkey
Female 1940-Bef 2011
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Fae Ellen Birkey
Female 1925-2016
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Joel Levi Birkey
Male 1899-1994
Infant Son Birkey
Male Abt 1901-1901
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Valentine Birkey
Male 1858-1928
Mary Birky
Female Abt 1860-Bef 1870
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Luella Schultz
Female 1927-2008
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Roy Stutzman
Male 1889-1970
Lester Roy Birky
Male 1917-1917
Dale Amon Birky
Male 1918-2013
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Lola Fern Birky
Female 1922-2000
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Lois Leila Birky
Female 1926-2018
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Roy Eldon Birky
Male 1927-1929
Faye Ellen Birky
Female 1932-2019
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Ella Mae Birky
Female 1934-1934
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Minerva Ada Birky
Female 1924-2004
Elmer Kropf
Male 1908-1984
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Ruth Alice Birky
Female 1928-2017
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Lela Carol Birky
Female 1930-2011
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Fleming Smith
Male 1912-1975
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Emma Mary Birky
Female 1902-1992
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Ada Alma Birky
Female 1905-1999
Amos Roth
Male 1904-1980
Joseph E. Birky
Male 1862-1935
Jonas Litwiller
Male 1895-1896
Eli Litwiller
Male 1897-1935
Fannie Sutter
Female 1902-1996
William Litwiller
Male 1900-1980
Della Sutter
Female 1904-1936
Barbara Birky
Female 1867-1942
Jacob Egli
Male 1863-1946
Lydia Birky
Female 1893-1981
Henry Reeb
Male 1892-1972
Viola Mary Birky
Female 1921-2015
David P. Martin
Male 1920-2000
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Jacob Aaron Birky
Male 1895-1989
Alma Eichelberger
Female 1897-1990
Katherine Birky
Female 1898-1898
Joseph D. Birky
Male 1899-1966
Daniel Birky
Male 1870-1901
Mary Zeitler
Female 1874-1968
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