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Sources: The Schrock-Birkey Connection


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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S515  Anna M. Salzman and Emil Peter Kennel
2 S123  Henry G. Childers, Probate Record
3 S122  Henry Marion West - Certificate of Death
4 S323  Joseph Saltsmann - Birth Record
5 S320  Joseph Schrag, Jr. Birth document
6 S289  Letter to H. H. Schrock
Madeleine Schrack 
7 S211  Simon Schrag Death Record
8 S719 105 Years and Counting - Mae Schrock remembers a simpler time
Rhonda Wetzler 
9 S639 13th U.S. Census, Livingston Co., Illinois
10 S1095 1780 Bas-Rhin Anabaptist Census
11 S38 1850 Census
12 S39 1860 Census
13 S272 1880 Census
14 S75 1900 Census
15 S293 A Biography of Bishop John C. Birky, Hopedale, Illinois, 1849-1920 - Phase III
Norman Kauffmann 
16 S360 A Brief History of the John and Barbara Sutter Family
17 S940 A Closer Look at our Heritage - Zehr, Sommer
Dr. W. Jay Zehr 
18 S622 A French Connection
Lydia Leman Hohulin 
19 S127 A French Fragment of Lauber Genealogy
Neil Ann Stuckey Levine 
20 S59 A Genealogy Report for Donna Nadine Schrock Birkey
21 S505 A History of the Family of C. H. and Mary (Imhoff) Smith--(Anabaptists in America, Aunt Lulu’s Scrapbook)
22 S651 A History of the Modern World
R. R. Palmer 
23 S352 A Kennel Family Outline Part I
Steve Estes 
24 S1078 A Silent Community, Wayland, Iowa
25 S997 About the DULLY Family in Palatinate and Illinois
Werner Gertberg 
26 S264 Abraham Oesch/Anne Koch family
Jean Francois Lorentz 
27 S275 Abraham Wagler Found
Neil Ann Stuckey Levine 
28 S69 Abstracts of Minutes III
Jo White Linn 
29 S128 Additional Zehr Material
Ardys Serpette 
30 S983 Ahnentafel der Familie Holly Teil I & II (männliche Linie)
31 S229 Albert E. Schrock - Death Certificate
32 S934 Albrecht Family at Recent Reunion Here
33 S43 Allen Park, 1745-1805
Evelyn Potter Park 
34 S179 Als-Lor Place Names
Ewald Klein (Alsace, France) 
35 S919 Alsatian Mennonites of Central Illinois and Mennonite Names in Illinois
Myrna Park 
36 S230 Alvin Birkey/Amelia Zehr - Marriage License
37 S21 Alvin R. and Amelia Zehr Birkey
Margaret and Verle Oyer 
38 S591 Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies
Gingerich & Kreider 
39 S234 Amish Church letters to Illinois
Steve Estes 
40 S143 Amish Emigration Through Le Havre
Verle and Gordon Oyer 
41 S144 Amish Mennonite Settlement in Butler County, OH
Doris L. Page 
42 S554 Amish Mennonite Stock Management, 1860s-1920s
Debra A. Reid 
43 S670 Amish Mennonites in 19th Century Bavaria
Hermann Hage 
44 S398 Amish Mennonites in Tazewell Co.
Joseph Staker 
45 S1050 Amish-Mennonite Hauter, Stalter, Wagler, and Schanz Families: Jagersburg, Germany, in the Nineteenth Century
Franz-Josef Ecker 
46 S666 Amos Roth
Jasper Roth 
47 S643 Amos Roth & Sarah Stalter
Oscar Roth 
48 S328 Anabaptiste de Sarralbe
Jean-Michel Engel 
49 S888 Ancestor Daniel Augsburger
Herbert Holly 
50 S261 Ancestors of Andreas Suttor
D Hofferth 

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