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Announcing the Joseph S. Schrock Reunion

The 59th Joseph S. Schrock (1859-1936) and Joseph Lester Schrock (1896-1986) fish fry and reunion will be held September 11, 2011, according to David Schrock of Milan, Illinois.

The catfish fillets (caught by Schrock relatives) will be served at noon at New Boston Park, Broadway Street, New Boston, IL. There will be BBQ for those who don’t eat fish. Bring a dish to pass.

The gathering is open to all relatives, close and shirt tail. Last year’s event drew about 120 adults and children. In addition to the picnic there will be time for visiting and sharing of family information and photos. Concludes about 2:30 p.m.

Schrock Immigrant Day and Family Reunion

Heritage Center Arboreatum, Metamora

Heritage Center Arboreatum, Metamora

Sutter Barn, Heritage Center

Sutter Barn, Heritage Center


Schrock Immigrant Day

and a reunion of the descendants of the children of Joseph Schrag and Maria Neyhouser– Johannes, Pierre, Andreas,
Magdalena (Smith), Barbara (Belsly)

June 18-20, 2010
Illinois Mennonite Heritage Center
Metamora, Illinois

June 18 – Friday evening

Picnic Social for Schrock Descendants Get acquainted, “climb” the Family Tree,
family photo ops provided


Registration 5:30-6:30 p.m.
A light meal begins at 6:30 (suggested donation $5)
Professional Photos of the five family line groupings
Get acquainted activities
Sing along – songs sung by Schrock ancestors, led by hymnodist Mary Oyer
Gather ’round the campfire for famous Kandel Kettle Popcorn

Charted Family Trees will be available for viewing during the evening
see where you grow on your branch of the tree

June 19 – Saturday Morning Session 1

Overview of European ancestry and movement of the Schrock family from
Switzerland to Illinois

Session 2

Sketches of three family lines: Johannes (John), Pierre (Peter), Andreas (Andrew)

Noon Meal

Explanation of area map as it relates to the area of settlements and the
afternoon tour of sites

Visit the Illinois Prairie Display that will include two quilts with prairie plants (one by a Schrock descendant), and walk through the Reeser Prairie on the grounds of the
Heritage Center

Saturday Afternoon Session 3

Sketches of two family lines: Magdalena (Smith), Barbara (Belsley)


Tour of historic sites (by bus/and or car) to see homes where Schrock families lived, land they owned, and cemeteries where they were buried on the Illinois prairie

June 20 – Sunday Morning

Worship at a local church relevant to Schrock history


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CLICK HERE to view a three-generation chart of descendants and see where you fit into the Schrock family. The chart will be small, but click on it to enlarge.

Below are photos of European areas and sites where Joseph Schrag, his parents and his children lived and worked
followed by a message from the Immigrant Day planners requesting your help

Bachats Farm near Rhodes

Bachats Farm near Rhodes

Bischwald Mill Ruins near Rhodes

Bischwald Mill Ruins near Rhodes

Ketzing Estate near Gondrexange

Ketzing Estate near Gondrexange

Alzing Farm near Gosselming

Alzing Farm near Gosselming

Schrock Immigrant Day planners need your help!

At the Schrock reunion/immigrant day event there will be time for descendants to share with others any family treasures they might have in their possession.

Please contact Donna Birkey if you have any family stories, genealogies, books, pictures, news clippings, letters, ship lists, titles, deeds, marriage licenses, obituaries, or other documents that provide information on the immigrants, their ancestors in Europe, or their children.  Also contact Donna if you have any family artifacts that you would be willing to bring and share as part of a “show and tell” presentation. Family artifacts might include furniture, dishes, recipes, clothing, tools, household utensils, special books (See Bible sample below right), etc. that belonged to the immigrants, their children, or their grandchildren.

You may reach Donna Birkey by e-mail at [email protected], though the contact page of this website (, or by postal mail at 1S710 Orchard Road, Wheaton, IL 60189.

Peter Schrock (1839-1922) Family Bible

Peter Schrock (1839-1922) Family Bible

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