Daniel Schrock (1828-1890)

by Donna Schrock Birkey

​Daniel Schrock built his house in 1882 near Arthur, Illinois, and it has recently been restored at the Illinois Amish Heritage site (See button below).

Records kept by family members show that in 1890, Daniel Schrock, then an Old Order Amish minister, traveled to Kansas with Joe Helmuth. While walking across a railroad bridge, Daniel fell fifteen feet to the bottom of a ravine, breaking his neck. Daniel had purchased a round-trip ticket, and the railroad honored it to transport his body home.

Daniel was living in Arthur, Illinois, at the time of his death. In 2016, his 1882 house was moved to the newly established Illinois Amish Heritage Center near Arthur, to be restored and included in the Center’s preserved heritage and culture of the Illinois Amish. Daniel had lived in Somerset Co., PA, and Ohio, before arriving in Arthur Illinois – he is my 4th cousin, four times removed.

In the late 1940s/early 1950s, some of the Amish families began meeting in groups that would eventually become Arthur Mennonite Church. It formed under the guidance of J. A. Heiser from Fisher (my Great Uncle), with the help of Henry King.

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